Elect Jacob Borden

I am a dedicated and passionate candidate running for City Council. I am committed to making a real difference in our community. I understand the importance of investing in our city's future, prioritizing the improvement of our streets, securing funding for new school buildings, and providing vital resources to support the unhoused and those suffering from drug addition. With a vision of increased public safety and a thriving, inclusive city, I am ready to drive positive change and create a brighter future for all residents.


Growing up in Elma, I've always had a passion for serving my community. It all started in high school when I eagerly participated in community service and outreach programs through Abundant Life Church and FFA. Whether it was the Halloween Festival at the middle school gym or the Food Bowl, I was always there to lend a helping hand. Now, as a City Councilor, I am thrilled to continue serving my community.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the Evergreen State College and I am pursing a career in Tech, but I still find ways to stay involved. Currently, I serve as a Fire Commissioner for East Grays Harbor Fire and Rescue, sit on the Elma Parks and Recreation Citizen Advisory Board, and volunteer as a soccer coach. I am passionate about giving back to my community in any way possible!

I have the passion to serve my community and have built up the experience and skills needed to help Elma grow and thrive. 



Vickie Rains - Grays Harbor County Commissioner

Kym Foster - Grays Harbor Clerk

Ken Albert - Grays Harbor Treasurer

Tyson Boling - Former Fire Chief 

Christi Kershaw - CTE Director of Elma School District

    Kristie Christensen - Elma McCleary Youth Soccer President

Spody Heck - Radio Host and Volunteer Firefighter

Lane Youmen - Former Grays Harbor Coroner

Mike Chapman - State Representative 

Kevin Van De Wege - State Senator


My Priorities 


Elma is a steadily growing city and I am confident we will continue to grow, to assist with this growth we need to invest in the Streets and infrastructure. Improving our roads and installing new lighting to help with visibility and safety should be a priority for our town. 

Parks and Recreation

Maintenance of our parks have stagnated and we need improve them and increase access to recreation for our entire community. As a Soccer Coach I have seen the impacts of limited fields availability on the access our youth have to recreation. Soccer is not the only sport or activity that suffers due to this. Through out our entire community there is a lack of access to recreation. This year, while serving as a member of Elma's Parks and Rec board, our city has completed a Parks Plan and I am confident we are now in the perfect spot to see tangible change within our parks. 

Build Connection

As a City Councilor it is important to build connection with leaders across the Community, County and State. I am looking forward to building connections with in our community to ensure that the Council is severing their interests. I also believe that we can be building better connections with County and State leaders. Building a relationship with them can help ensure Elma receives more funding instead of just increasing taxes for anything we need. Over the last 2 years, Elma has received 2 million in funding from Federal Appropriations Committee through Derek Kilmer to help build our new Police Station. This type of funding, along with other grants, should be  more common in Elma. We are a community worth investing in and I will do my best to ensure that we receive that investment!